Adjustable Hobbed Bolt For My 3D Printer

  Background In my last post, I described why and how I had made a new heated bed for my 3d printer . I thought once this was built it would be full steam ahead on the 3D printing front. Well it was, sort of, prints were stuck down so hard you couldnt knock them off with a hammer and chisel. Unfortunately while adhesion was sorted, print completion was another matter. After several failed prints Read More

What’s Motomach About?

Extruder-FrontMotomach is a blog about making a better Reprap 3D printer.
The blog was started in earnest in 2013 after 3 years of dabbling in making and using Reprap 3D printers.  Motomach shares the hands on experience of making, using and improving a Reprap 3d printer. Motomach is about designing and making opensource 3D printing hardware that works out of the box.

Whose Idea Is It?

facebook imageThe Motomach blog is written by George Moore, a passionate maker, fixer and home built reprap 3D Printer enthusiast. He is an active member of his local makerspace, South East Makerspace and the online Reprap 3d Printer community. He can often be found posting, sharing and commenting on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. George is always happy and willing to help his fellow makers sort out their 3d printing woes so they can get on with actually making things.